Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Illness Has Taught Me

As I sit reflecting on the past years, I realize that illness has taught me a great deal!

Illness has taught me to live every moment, to embrace every opportunity, to enjoy those around me, to embrace my family/friends, to encourage, to appreciate, to see…..to really “see” all that is around me.

Illness tries to take from us……to make us focus on the pain….the stress…..the loss…..as if “it” is in power.

Even at our lowest points, we are in “control”…..we make the decision….we “control” our attitude…the way that we choose to embrace what we are enduring.

During my years of health struggle, I held closely the promise that God will not test us beyond what he knows we can handle. Believe me….there were many times that I cried out “Uncle”! I prayed and cried that I could take now more…….

Always though….strength was given…..strength to move forward…..to progress. To continue…..to shift focus to those around me.

I have had a wonderful year of health! I still have a lot to learn. My body is still teaching me…..

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