Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


I have close to a year under my belt with the Low FODMAP diet. It has helped so much in settling down my symptoms!

This in turn showed me the frustration that my specialists had! My system was so over-reactive and dysfunctional that there was no way to label what was wrong with me!

Now that my sigmoid colon, anus and rectum have been removed…..and I now have the Low FODMAP diet in place……my digestive issues are under control!

I now understand that my intestinal system is “not right”…..it is extremely overreactive! Only by controlling what I can….this means DIET….can I hope to maintain a semblance of normalcy!

There will always be that portion that I can not control….the portion called “stress”…..I can only hope to keep it minimized….as best I can. I will offset that with exercise, relaxation and just family time to minimize its impact!

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