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Body on Fire

Man! I was not prepared for yesterday or today! Reading about the various symptoms that can be experienced by those diagnosed with Polyarthralgia and Fibromyalgia do not do justice to the true experience!

Yes…I have been dealing with the deep aching, the “fibro-fog”, the extreme fatigue, the heaviness in all my extremities, and the pain in my joints.

I thought that was enough to deal with! Well….my body has thought otherwise. It wanted to show me the burning/fire and extreme over sensitivity!

Starting yesterday afternoon, my entire right side was like it was burning…..on fire. And my entire body was overreacting to the slightest touch….my clothing was bothering me. Tried to put on my coat….forget it! Too much!

I relaxed under a heated blanket last night to try to relax before bedtime. Thankfully my meds do allow me to get some sleep!

This morning as soon as I was moving around….the burning/fire was back. Thankfully only my right arm and right side from shoulder to top of hip. Body is also still very sensitive. I can feel every fiber of clothing.

It is has been hard to concentrate at work today with the overwhelming sensations. At least work does offer some distraction!

I am eager for the weekend and a chance to lay low. To keep a slow pace for a couple of days…..and hope that it will be enough to switch up my symptoms for a while.


Well I definitely overdid over the weekend. I helped out cleaning the house on Saturday. Then went out of town to attend my Mother-In-Law’s birthday party. It was such a good time to see a huge turn out celebrating her special day! We ended the day by attending Mass with her.

By the time we got home, I was beyond worn out! I sat in my chair and couldn’t keep my eyes open! I crawled into bed at 8 PM! (I know that I am supposed to try to keep a regular sleep schedule….however, I just had to give up and curl up under the heated blanket in our comfy bed!)

I slept hard until 5:30 AM…..then had to get up and get ready for work. Moving through the thick quicksand….pushing tired, achy arms and hands to dry and style hair! Yikes!

Work was a challenge today for sure! Body was just nasty. To be expected! I was afraid that going out of town and having that type of activity on a Sunday would lead to a very difficult Monday. Well…..it certainly didn’t disappoint! LOL

At least I thought ahead to put some pork in the slow cooker….that with leftover pasta and salad….we all ate well. Saving me time to just relax in my chair under a comfy blanket!

Just about time to give in and go to bed. Will just have to try to maximize my rest this week as best I can.

Understanding This New Setback

Definitely have my work cut out for me! Doctor said to really start paying attention to my body…..to better understand how my daily activities and lifestyle affect my symptoms…..how to best manage exercise, work, son’s activities, assisting at Church, etc…..how to pace myself.

The diagnosis of Polyarthralgia and Fibromyalgia took me by surprise for sure! As I learn more about these conditions, it does make sense that I would be given this additional journey.

The years of severe chronic pain…..the pelvic floor syndrome…..the extreme spastic colon….IBS……

Reading about these conditions and speaking with the Doctor still don’t prepare you for how the body acts! It definitely does not stress enough the fatigue….the overall, extreme fatigue that just envelopes you!

Going about the day….my arms and legs feel like I am pushing them through thick quicksand! Blowdrying my hair….my arms are limp as noodles! Exhausted! Yet the day has just begun!

I just continue to move forward…..movement as hard as it is……is my best hope. I know it is necessary for my health.

What I must learn is just how hard to push….how far to push……to determine the balance my body will need. I know this will not happen overnight. It took about 6 months for me to dial in my Low FODMAP diet…..and now with almost a year under my belt……my IBS is much better!

That gives me hope that I will somehow learn how to manage this new stage. Right now though my focus is how to deal with this overwhelming fatigue and overall discomfort!

The Upside of Illness

Our son’s last Pinewood Derby with his fellow Cub Scouts was this weekend. In the past, I typically assist and am busy helping out and trying to watch our boy.

This year due to this new adventure in my latest illness, I knew I could not assist. I arranged for another to cover what I would normally do.

I was not feeling well at all the day of the event. I did manage to take a much needed nap in the afternoon.

We headed down to the event so that we would arrive about 30 minutes before start time. This gave our son plenty of time to fine tune his car, give it a test run and check it in.

And then the races began! It was so fun to just sit and watch the activity! So fun to watch the expressions and cheers of our son and his fellow scouts! I was able to lose myself in the evening. Cheering him on!


The best part of the night?!?! Our son placed first in his Webelo’s II Den and second overall for the Pack!

So fun to thoroughly enjoy his excitement….with only my body attempting to be a distraction!


My mind won’t let me rest without writing a quick update! Went to the doctor today and received a diagnosis. I have Polyarthalgia with Fibromyalgia! Thus the intense pain all over. (Yes…typing this is a challenge tonight!)

I filled my prescription today. Starting on a low dose of Cymbalta…..will evaluate how body is responding to it over the next 4-6 weeks.

I will have some additional blood work in February. Doctor wants to check out a few other additional possibilities. She wants to rule out other conditions so she will be checking my parathyroid and metabolic rates.

Very tired by end of day! I am to keep active….yet not overdo…..supposed to try to rest at night. Quite the quandary as those of you who have dealt with chronic pain know! We must rest for our bodies to heal….yet the pain cycle interferes with our ability to get quality rest!

I am on yet another mission! Time to read and learn all I can about my newest diagnosis…..then I can pay attention to my body and learn how to regulate my activities to find that balance of being active and yet not overdoing it! While being patient as I must allow my body the time to settle down……

Another journey! More lessons!


As we progress with our illnesses, we come across a number of scenarios. We fight our battle and move on….we fight our battle to find ourselves at battle again. And then we fight our battle, we fight again….then find ourselves embattled yet again!

Why?!?!?!? Why are we given this “special” opportunity? Why are we given another chance to push ahead….to push through the pain…to welcome another tomorrow?

There has to be an answer….an opportunity to share with someone in need….an opportunity to offer strength to someone just starting the path we have completed.

We do not know how our lives impact those around us….we are not as remote as we may feel.

Even though I feel tired…..not ready….I will embark upon this new adventure….this new chapter. I will pray and ask for God’s strength. I will keep my focus on my faith, my family and my friends.

Our son is the best distraction! Cub Scouts, Church….the laughter he provides….just priceless! I am so blessed to have my “Angel” to distract as I deal with the reality of life!


Yes! There is an internal struggle! I pray each day to be the best mother, the best wife possible……and, again, I am answered with pain that radiates throughout my entire being!

All I have ever wanted is to be a good wife….a good mother to our son. I want to just have the opportunity to enjoy all the time possible with them!

I am finding that I have been granted a special “gift”. God has granted me the opportunity of not just a few health challenges….he has now presented another health challenge!

My prayer is that this will lead to the opportunity to connect with those that need strength…..I am hoping that I can…somehow be that strength. That somehow…this might be a final test…..at least for a while………

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