Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Another Health Hurdle

Okay…..as those with chronic health issues will understand, I finally went to the doctor last week after experiencing pain throughout my entire body from head to foot.

I did not say anything to my hubby or my son. I wanted talk with my doctor and have some ideas of what was going on first. The initial consultation brought up ideas of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arthritis, Thyroid disorder, etc.

Initial blood results were good….that is Rheumatoid Arthritis, Thyroid and autoimmune disorders have been ruled out. I did go back in for a hand X-ray which was also negative.

I did tell my hubby after he returned from fishing with a couple of friends. I let him know that I had not been feeling very good….that my body had been feeling very achy and painful.

His response! He would have made me go to the doctor faster! LOL

Love that! My pain tolerance is so messed up having dealt with all that I have. Those of you who have dealt with long-term or chronic illness will understand that our ability to sense or acknowledge that something is wrong is completely skewed!

When I went to the initial appointment, I used the response a wise nurse had instructed. “If you are aware of it…you must rate it a 6 on the pain scale”. So…I did as I had been instructed years ago…..I rated it a 6. : )

Since then it has continued to escalate…..I consider this in part to the fact that a portion of my brain is now in tune to what is happening in my body. It is marking it…..I know that the discomfort has grown…..that it is occurring in all extremities as well as my back and neck.

Hard to describe….it is an intense ache…..with overall fatigue….with dull pain invoked any time I have to move a muscle or joint.

I have my next appointment this coming Thursday. I am anxious!

I had truly hoped that my trial was over…..no. Not yet! It is my “gift” to move forward….to continue……to embrace this next hurdle!

God has a purpose! I am pushing ahead….praying and awaiting the next chapter…..also praying for strength and courage for this next step.

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