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Body on Fire

Man! I was not prepared for yesterday or today! Reading about the various symptoms that can be experienced by those diagnosed with Polyarthralgia and Fibromyalgia do not do justice to the true experience!

Yes…I have been dealing with the deep aching, the “fibro-fog”, the extreme fatigue, the heaviness in all my extremities, and the pain in my joints.

I thought that was enough to deal with! Well….my body has thought otherwise. It wanted to show me the burning/fire and extreme over sensitivity!

Starting yesterday afternoon, my entire right side was like it was burning…..on fire. And my entire body was overreacting to the slightest touch….my clothing was bothering me. Tried to put on my coat….forget it! Too much!

I relaxed under a heated blanket last night to try to relax before bedtime. Thankfully my meds do allow me to get some sleep!

This morning as soon as I was moving around….the burning/fire was back. Thankfully only my right arm and right side from shoulder to top of hip. Body is also still very sensitive. I can feel every fiber of clothing.

It is has been hard to concentrate at work today with the overwhelming sensations. At least work does offer some distraction!

I am eager for the weekend and a chance to lay low. To keep a slow pace for a couple of days…..and hope that it will be enough to switch up my symptoms for a while.

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  1. Oh my friend I am sorry to read this, prayers go up a little louder tonight for you. Huge hugs

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