Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


As a Mom, I am so worried about what I might have passed on to our son! I know that he is all ready at risk since he was premature and I had the one of the worst cases of HELLP syndrome seen in Oregon that year.

I do not want him to have to deal with what I have and am dealing with! I want him to be healthy….to be able to live his life free from his body dictating what he can or cannot do.

I know I cannot control this. My wishes….my hope to protect him….may just be a Mother’s dream!

I hope to make an appointment with his doctor once the last of my tests are done. I want to meet with him as soon as we have the final true diagnosis for me. Once everything else is ruled out.

I want to know exactly what we need to be watching for…..looking for. I want to make sure that we catch any type of symptoms he might have early. I am hoping that he will have a better chance.

I want my son to have better health….to not have to deal with the limiting factors that I am dealing with!

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  1. We always want for children, over and above our own needs and wants, he will be included in prayers. Huge hugs

  2. My eldest was 8 wks prem. She weighed 2lbs 13 and a half ounces.

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