Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


I have been reading all I can from the “reputable” websites regarding IBS and Fibromyalgia.

I am finding “Both IBS and Fibromyalgia are categorized as chronic pain disorders caused by changes in the way the central nervous system responds to pain. It’s thought that patients with either condition experience heightened pain under conditions where healthy people would feel little to no pain. While IBS pain is described as visceral, manifesting primarily in the stomach and intestines; fibromyalgia pain is described as somatic, manifesting in the skin, muscles and joints.”

Add to this the Chronic Pain Disorder that I also suffered from, the Spastic Sphincter and Spastic Colon……knowing my specialist was scratching his head….seeing something he had never seen before…..and….

the lightbulb goes on! I feel that I am in a nasty cycle! The fibromyalgia is now triggering my IBS…which is then triggering the fibromyalgia!

What a nasty cycle I am in! I will be contacting my doctor tomorrow to see if we can get the next round of tests moved up. Want to rule out all other possibilities! The she might be able to better adjust my meds…knowing that it is JUST IBS and Fibromyalgia that I am battling!

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  1. No just, enough is enough, and you are certainly strong to voice it. Warm embrace.

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