Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

IBS & Fibromyalgia

I am struggling! The weekend with severe symptoms from the Fibromyalgia (burning, all joints aching, throbbing pain in my thighs, hard time walking) have culminated in a terrible bout with IBS today!

My tummy was bloated with nasty pain and spasms this afternoon! This is after my weekend as described above! Yikes! What to do!

I have done more research….more reading. I see that I could be one of those “lucky” individuals that has both IBS and Fibromyalgia…….the result is a “wonderful” blend of each disease feeding off of the other!

Now! How to break the cycle!??!?!!??! When flaring…in either case….it is not a good idea to exercise….as it can continue to escalate the situation! Man! It is beyond amazing!

I am now seeing…..I had a unique, one of a kind, situation with the EXTREME spastic sphincter that I dealt with….followed by the rectal prolapse and the overall “Pelvic Floor Syndrome” disorder…..a “wonderful” chronic pain type ailment……..

Now….add the IBS…..which I had been able to control with diet….albeit, before the introduction of the intimidating Fibromyalgia!

I know my only hope is to continue with my dietary change (thank you, Low FODMAPS)…….and hope that the Fibromyalgia will soon calm down enough that I can introduce some simple, steady exercise routines (like walking on my Elliptical)…..

Other types of exercise…like getting back to weight training…will have to wait. I am finding that I am completely…..totally…..at the mercy of my body!

Comments on: "IBS & Fibromyalgia" (3)

  1. CheerfulwithCFS said:

    Sounds like you are having a hard time. Hope you feel better soon x

  2. I’m here, even when I am absent, as you do not leave my thoughts, heart or prayers. xo

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