Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Another IBS Trigger

I found another food trigger for my IBS! I thought I would try Hot Oat Bran cereal…..a possible Low FODMAP option to Cream of Wheat. It took 4 different servings on 4 different days for it to sink in that my body was saying NO in a big way!

I am hoping that I will connect the dots faster in the future when I try a new food! I know that I should suspect the food first! However, this was also the time that I was trying to take Advil (which was also upsetting my system)…..so it was hard to pinpoint the culprits….which, of course, was both! So I had to stop the Advil and then try the cereal again.

So yes, I did break a cardinal rule when you have such sensitivities! Never introduce more than one item at a time! Even if you think one will be safe. Each of us is so different! It is quite the challenge to “map” our own path.

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