Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

The Trials of Work

Just as my body started to settle down, I had to assist with the company safety meeting. It meant a sixth workday……even though I could get up and move around (which I did frequently)!

That extra responsibility…..found me home relaxing on the couch this afternoon and evening. Sensations going crazy throughout my body…..arms burning and aching terribly! I did sleep….however, I woke many times due the aching.

Today I had to just rest. My body would not allow me to do much at all today. The big accomplishment was having my son help me make meatballs that we placed in the slow-cooker for dinner. He had so much fun mixing and forming them! And it was a HUGE help for me!

Now….I hope that today’s rest and sleep tonight, will give me a bit of relief for the start of the work week.

The last of my blood work will be done on Tuesday morning. I am so ready! Anxious to find out what additional information my doctor will obtain.

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