Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Give And Take

My son and I were blessed with an awesome weekend! (My hubby had to stay home due to chores, etc. that required one person to be home at all times!)

We were able to go to my parents home yesterday, then ride with them to Portland, OR, where we were able to see my sister’s house for the first time! Yeah!

Then we were able to head to Vancouver, WA where we were able to celebrate my niece’s birthday! Steven had such an awesome day with his cousin helping her to celebrate her birthday!

We enjoyed a great dinner at The Magabite! Great pizza ( and in my case, chicken strips and fries)! So much fun watching them interact! So awesome the connection he and his cousin share!

We then spent the night with my parents. Yeah! My body had to have that break. No way could I have driven us home. Needed the rest to be able to then come home.

I so wanted our son to spend time with his cousin and his grandparents! it just sucks to struggle so hard in order to make it happen! I am just thankful that we could coordinate our efforts in order to make it happen!

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