Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Keep A Log

I think of the most helpful things I started after my doctor appointment was to take advantage of the “Note” app on my cell phone! I am adding to this note each day…..I record the date and then hit the highlights…….”Arms burning, hips ache, stabbing pains in the back, hands hurt..” I also make a note as to how well I slept the night before….

In scrolling through my “little book”, I am able to get a good sense of what I have been dealing with! It helps to anchor me….to realize that I am struggling. However, I know this will be a huge help when I call my doctor for the verbal check up….and, of course, it will be invaluable for my next actual appointment. I will be able to print it out and take it. I will be able to show her….”see…this is how I feel when I go out of town for a weekend…..this is how a typical work week affects my body”……

The biggest insight has been confirmation that stress is a HUGE player in exacerbating my symptoms. Stress magnifies the sensations….the aches….the pain. It makes it harder to breathe!

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