Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


Since my latest diagnosis of Polyarthralgia and Fibromyalgia, I have been doing a lot of reading. I have viewed several Fibromyalgia specific websites as well as the Mayo Clinic to better understand this condition…..or in my case, combination of conditions.

I know that most of us with Fibro have other conditions or have a history of chronic pain, PTSD or the like that have brought us to this point. Pain is not unfamiliar. We know pain. We have been living with it….dealing with it.

What I am finding from experience is that Fibro pain is a total BEAST UNTO ITSELF! It is absolutely NOT “just” in our heads! It is incredibly had to describe!

So….I want to try to describe the combination of feelings…..this Fibro/Polyarthralgia pain!

Imagine your body…….

You stand to walk…..your lower limbs….from waist to feet….are enclosed in cement…..your brain pushes…..it forces your legs to move….slowly….heavily…..forward. You push….MUST PUSH to make those legs move….down the hall so you can use the restroom.

You force achy arms…..with stabbing pain to blow dry and fix your hair. You have to go to work! By the time this ordeal is over, you feel like you have been lifting heavy bar bells for the last hour!

Going through the day you experience intense burning! Today it was neck, arms, and back on fire! Imagine the worst sunburn you ever had……then multiply it by a conservative 10!

Now you have to ad the intense, constant aching in the arms, hands, wrists, fingers, back, neck, shoulders! Do not forget to add sharp knife pains…..and muscle spasms! Both of which are not predictable!

The pain of Fibro is not in our heads. It is in our bodies! Our nervous system may be “overreactive, overly sensitive”………however, ultimately, it is we…..those with this unique condition…..that must find a way to deal with this struggle…….our struggle with pain!

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