Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Doctor Follow Up

Since I have been experiencing so many symptoms and having a lot of pain, my doctor had me come in today…..rather than wait for my next appointment.

I printed off the daily log I have been keeping so that I could give that to her for her review. So glad I did! It expressed better than I could how I was feeling and have been feeling!

We reviewed, again, my test results…….all other tests showing normal or negative…..all good news. It helped to have that reassurance!

It also helped so much speaking with her about the burning, the stiffness, the difficulty walking, the extreme weakness, the muscle spasms, the pain and aches in every joint, the fatigue, the “Fibro fog”, etc.

My meds have been adjusted…..we discussed the possibility of adding another med in a couple of weeks if my symptoms don’t settle down. I have the prescription in the medicine cabinet if I need it.

Then we discussed the next med she would have me try if the above steps don’t work.

She also reinforced the positive….the fact that the current med even at the lower dose has had some impact……it has allowed me to sleep! Huge yes!

And, as she wisely pointed out……”It is important to focus on the little things when the body is flaring so badly”. Yes! I am thankful for the sleep! I am thankful for an awesome husband and son who are so supportive and helpful during this time!

I must breathe deeply and summon the strength to continue to tackle the days ahead…..pacing myself as best as possible…….to meet my work obligations…..and then maximize the chance to rest in the evenings….and the coming weekend.

“This Too Shall Pass”…..yes……it will!

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