Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Don’t Take Me Wrong

You must understand that the little steps are HUGE in boosting optimism!  There is still pain!  Yes!  The achy joints and the throbbing, knotted forearms!  The still hips that do not want to move!  

However, I have the wonderful view and experience of today!  The nasty burn….the overwhelming nausea for the moment is at bay!  A brief break!  An opportunity to breathe!  To smile!  To say “Ahhhhh”!!!!!

If this is my only moment!?!?!?  I am beyond thankful!  I was given a blessed, manageable day!

I have dealt with Chronic Illness / Chronic Pain long enough to know that this is most likely very short-lived!  However, it is enough to know that my doctor and I are headed in the right direction!

The balance of the week will most likely reveal all the ugly symptoms I have been struggling with.  Another restful weekend….another week at the higher level of meds will provide a more of a base to build my new “normal” upon.

I will write more as the week progresses, especially as I move through the stress and effort required to get through the days ahead!

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  1. Enjoy the pain/nausea break when you can!

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