Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Tempered Optimism

My meds were upped early last week.  I also spent Saturday resting.  I was only on my feet when my sister and her boyfriend stopped by for a short visit.

Sunday we had to take a day trip to meet with a friend in Eugene.  I went along……my hubby drove.  When we stopped at Cabelas, my hubby grabbed a wheel chair for me to use.  I was able to enjoy the visit while my hubby and son pushed me around the store.  (Yes….it is difficult, however, I was not going to risk overdoing……so just smiling and allowing them to push me around was the perfect answer!)

Once home….resting on the couch and a nap on the bed refreshed me enough to fix dinner.  A good long sleep…..the first in a long time without my left arm killing me, allowed an even deeper slumber!

Fast forward to Monday, today!  Wow!  My joints ache and are very stiff….however, the persistent pain is absent!  I was able to go through the day…..a very stressfull one at that…….Wow!  I ended the day….with only a slight burn in my right shoulder!  Yes….my joints still ache and they are stiff….however, the nasty pain….the overwhelming sensations….the burning…..the neaseau were not present!

I know this is only Monday.  I have an entire week to go!  My point?

Enjoy the small victories!  Enjoy the moment when you are graced with the blessing of a moment of relief from the extreme pain and nausea!  It might be short lived!  However, it IS a step in the right direction!

This was the great opportunity to share with our son and family the “possibility of optimism”!  

Once home, I called our son to our bedroom as I changed into my comfy clothes.  “Guess what?!” I said to our son!  “What?!” he responded……I could hear the apprehension in his voice!  “I am feeling better!” He just looked at me with a smile!  “Yes!  Doctor increased my meds…..I only have a little burning in my shoulder…..the rest from the weekend and the change in medication really helped me!”

“Yes……I might struggle later in the week……we are definitely on the right track!”

Wow!  A fantastic moment…day….shared with my hubby and son!  

I have to smile!  Yes!  I am cautiously optimistic!  I know that I can handle anything that this illness will throw at me!  I have been given the gift of today!  This day has been a HUGE motivator!  It proves that I will eventually have a handle on this….that I will be able to find a balance!

And….most importantly….my family has shared this day with me!  They too have seen this break!

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