Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

I am learning the importance that medication can play in treatment.  Doctor increased the dosage of my med…..also gave me a written prescription for another med to add if I need it.

Good news is that my body is responding!  It is starting to slowly settle down some.  Last week I only had one day that I could barely walk.  Yes…by the end of the week my body was feeling everything….however, I wasn’t completely crawling out of my skin!  Haha

I rested yesterday.  Today my right leg was very stiff….although manageable.  Just looked like I had a limp….rather than what I think of as the “Zombie Shuffle”!  My arms, hands, shoulders, feet and back have been achy and hurting today…..that burn in my back shoulder area.  Not overwhelming!  Yeah!  

Yes…..this is progress……small steps.  Basking in this ray of hope, I am anxious for the upcoming weeks as the medicine continues to interact with my body.  I am hoping that my system by the end of the week will be a touch better than last week.  

Slow and methodical!  The fewer after work responsibilities and the medication change are working!  I can look forward to better understanding my body……of learning how to better balance my obligations so that I do overwhelm myself and increase my symptoms.

I know that I am now on what a friend has likened to a roller coaster…..the roller coaster of Fibromyalgia and Polyarthralgia.  Knowing even better now, that I do not have control…..that I am not the master of my body.  Rather, I control my attitude…..my outlook…..the way that I choose to embrace this roller coaster ride.  

For now, I can bask in that ray of hope and its tantalizing possibilities!

Comments on: "Med Increase — Ray of Hope" (2)

  1. eviehibbitt said:

    Thank you for reminding people they’re not alone 🙂

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