Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Rough Day!

The good?!  I was walking with just achiness in my legs.  The bad?! It was so hard to move my left arm!  Movements triggered spasms…..which triggered wincing….which triggered catching my breath…..harnessing the cry I would have loved to have allowed myself!  LOL  Yet….the cry would not have done anything for the state my body was in : )

Yes…today was a challenge.  My arms, wrists, hands, shoulders, back…and yes, legs…..were achy.  Spasms were random.  Burning was isolated to my back and right arm.  Go figure!  No rhyme or reason…..just wonderful symptoms.

Another good thing?! I managed to stop at the store for a few items that we needed. I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow….knowing how things were today….I was more concerned about tomorrow.  I should sleep hard…..thanks to the time change!

My left arm hurts badly!  It is difficult to type…..yet…I know I need to relay the day….I need to let you know how I am feeling today.  Today was also different!  

I have had days where I have been restless….where I couldn’t sit still…..when I have been sitting or lying in bed with my legs moving.  Today found me even more restless than I have experienced to date!  It was as if every fiber of my being is loose!  It has a mind of its own!  It is running across the room!  It is standing up….then sitting down!

I feel like I need to crawl out of my own skin…..but I cannot!  The overwhelming sensations are not out of control…..or are they?  Are the overwhelming sensations causing this crazy “must move” state that I find myself?

My legs are tired.  I have walked more today……I did walk some yesterday and as written…the day before.  Did I do too much? Or am I just experiencing a different “face”….a different “voice” of Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia?

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