Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

The PSTD Link

The more time I spend researching and reading fellow Fibromyalgia / Polyarthralgia sufferers I see that there are so many things that we share in common.

Yes…read the literature….read about the common causes…..”history of chronic pain”….”history of chronic illness”…..”post traumatic stress”…..etc.

This is the part of my life that I have not yet written about.  I know that I too share this PSTD.  Thanks to my first marriage…..thanks to the emotional/sexual abuse….the threat of physical abuse.  The fact that I was trapped…held hostage…..every movement monitored. 

Add to that…..the years of the chronic pain…..the chronic illness.  And voila!  Perfect breeding ground for this current challenge!

Forgive me…..I cannot write more about that time in my life yet…..that time that with just the initial words written cause my heart to race….make me want to look over my shoulder.  I am one of the lucky ones!  I was able to get out!  I was able to go to the grocery store and use a pay phone to call my Dad…..to tell him about what was going on…..to then have a courtesy visit with an attorney…..and arrange a nighttime move with the help of my family.


Fast forward….my wonderful husband and our awesome son!  I am so blessed!  Even though I am now challenged by this combination of chronic conditions. 

I have been through a lot…..I have endured……I handed God a “mess”.  He has taken this “mess” and shown me a “challenge”….better yet, an “opportunity”……an “opportunity” to help others.

I pray that you will continue to forge ahead….continue to push forward!  Our condition(s)/illness(es) do not define us!  Keep your head up and continue to move forward…..one step at a time…….and each step of the way remind yourself….”This Too Shall Pass”!

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  1. PrincessOfThePeas said:

    We are only given challenges we can handle. As untrue as that seems some times 😘

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