Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

I am sure that others with Fibromyalgia, Polyarthralgia, and/or other chronic condition find that weather changes….especially an incoming storm….further quadruples….magnifies the pain and all other symptoms!

I awoke this morning feeling terribly!  As the day progressed, I felt worse and worse!  I went out of the office for errands…..I could tell by the smell in the air and the change in the air temperature……a storm is on its way!  FINALLY!  Yes!  I understand!  I am feeling poorly because a storm is on its way!  By late afernoon, the clouds were gathering and the winds were starting!

Man!  Today was SO brutal!  I wanted to strip off my clothes!  My skin was so sensitive to anything and everything touching it!  My arms and back were on fire…..that nasty intense burning!  Every joint aching….all limbs were heavy.  Just a nasty overwhelming deluge of the senses!  So hard to force my fingers to move….to force any part of my body to move!

All that….plus…the inability to sit still!  It is as if I have a nasty case of the “wiggles”!  Just can’t sit still!  I know this is because my body is just completely overwhelmed……cannot comprehend all the sensations….all the “noise” being produced…….

Distractions do not work very well on a day like today.  My only hope is that the storm will hit tonight……please!  The sooner the storm hits and blows itself out the better!

I cringe inside……I want to cry……however….I know that will do no good!  LOL

I must refocus….and remind myself……”This Too Shall Pass”……”This Too Shall Pass”…….

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