Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

The Cross We Bear

Dealing with a chronic illness or condition is a tough reality. The pain and symptoms are esquisitely vivid for us as we are the ones experiencing them. 

Those around us….our families, our friends, and coworkers are forced to watch. They are on the outside….wishing that they could apply a band aid or rub on a special ointment that would magically take it all away. 

At times…we too wish for that “magical balm”….wish that it would just go away!  We ask ourselves “Why?”….”What makes me so special?”

Then we refocus. We might be overwhelmed by the sensations and pain currently wracking our bodies….like I am feeling today.  But there is something to help distract….tonight? I got to bake a cake for my hubby’s birthday (which is tomorrow)!

Now under a heated blanket, my body is completely restless….sensations and pain are still overwhelming. Not sure if sleep will be possibile….for sure it will be a “fitful sleep”.

We have been given a unique challenge….those of us tasked with a chronic condition!  And…as we always do….we will continue to push forward…to focus on the fact that “This Too Shall Pass”….that tomorrow or the next day will offer us a slight reprieve….

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