Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Grant Me Strength

i am so glad that I called my doc! I will go back I to see her on Tuesday. 

The last week and a half have been so very rough! This last week especially.  I also filled my other prescription to add another level. It will take time for it to build up in my system. That’s okay…had to take that step.

The muscle spasms have been so bad in my arms and legs!  Today my muscles ache and my left arm barely moves. I am sure it is from all the spasms that occurred yesterday. Body has been burning….I have just been overwhelmed by all the sensations bombarding my body!

Today I also gave in for a nap. It helped my head feel a bit better even though it did nothing for my body. 

I am anxious to speak withy doctor. To determine what specialist or further testing I need. Will also discuss work and what I should modify. 

There has to be a way to get my body to start calming down. I have been through enough to know that my body tends to take any condition to the extreme!  

I have been quietly praying all day today……”Grant me strength, please!”

Tomorrow will be another day of rest….very gentle stretching…..and short walks around the house. It is pouring rain outside…..so the warm fire and heated blanket are my best friends this weekend. 

My hubby has kept the fire stoked and our son has helped me laugh!  Nice to watch him working on a puzzle or just sitting next to me for a while.

I am hoping I will sleep better tonight since the spasms have stopped. 

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