Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Reality Check

I was back to the doctor this morning.  Last week was SO difficult…..ending with over a day and a half with muscle spasms.  (In addition to all the other symptoms, that just want to bombard my body!)  We had a frank discussion about where I am with symptoms, review of my job, etc.  Doctor also understands how important it is for me to have the focus to be “Mom”.

My meds will be adjusted…..doses and time at which I take them. And, my doctor said I can work no longer than 5 hours a day for 6 months.  She was also very straight forward!  There is a real possibility that part-time work will be the best that I can do.  There is still the possibility that I could recover enough and get enough of a handle on my symptoms that I will be able to more than what we anticipate at this time.

This is a HUGE change!  Not only for myself, but our entire family.  We live in an area where my husband has really struggled to find work.  He has been able to do some taxidermy work and a few side jobs.  The economy here is just tough.  My job has been the one thing we could count on!

I have spoken to two of the owners and will have a chance to speak to the other two owners tomorrow (I hope).  I have told them my idea….to work from 9 AM to 2 PM.  That way I can maximize the strongest part of my day and be at the office to assist during the busiest time of the day.

My energy really starts to drop at 1 PM…..by 3 PM I am ready for bed……so leaving work at 2 will give me the opportunity to get home to take a nap.  Yes….I am supposed to take a daily nap…..30-45 minutes….at least initially to help my body help itself.

I do not yet know who the change will impact my income…..I have to give the owners time to discuss and then speak with them at a later time.

Now…..I will focus on me…..on the rest my body needs…..I will focus on allowing others to help me more……I must focus on relaxation!

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