Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Dealing with a Setback

As you know, I am struggling with my Fibromyalgia and Polyarthralgia.  I am working the 5 hour days at work and taking the extra time to rest or have the chance for down time before I need to take care of dinner or other things for my family.

I was attempting to ramp up the Gabapentin that my doctor had hoped would help with the pain.  However, I was noticing that I was having to take more of the Milk of Magnesia on a daily basis.  Sidenote: If you haven’t read other blogs, I have a permanent colostomy due to internal issues that my specialists have not ever seen.  So, needless to say, my body responded to the Gabapentin by stopping my intestines!  No output….or having any type of build-up…..is an ostamates nightmare!  The pressure….the bloating….the concerns about another peristomal hernia (due to the weakness all ready present in the abdominal wall)!  Yikes!

It truly sucks to have output from the stoma ONLY work when it is in a fluid form!  My entire body hurt…..burned….ached…..then I had to add the horrible sick feeling due to things not passing as they should!  It was a miserable weekend!

Monday I called my specialist who is very familiar with my colostomy and the way I have been “rewired”.  He was out of the office, but I was able to speak with his nurse.  Her immediate response “get off the Gabapentin ASAP!  Call your doctor now!”  After a brief discussion, I did just that.  I left a message for my doctor relaying the instructions from my specialist’s office.

I am scaling back and will be off the Gabapentin soon.  I will then have to spend at least 5 days to allow my body to relax…..to try to normalize without the aid of the Milk of Magnesia.  My doctor and I will have to determine the next best step.  

I am continuing with my other med….the Cymbalta.  It is at a pretty low dose….however, it allows me to sleep!  Even though it does nothing for pain…the sleep is good!  

I am struggling through the nasty pain….the burning…the daggers…the overwhelming sensations!

Comments on: "Dealing with a Setback" (3)

  1. Im so sorry you have to deal with all that. I hope things go back to “normal” soon

    • Thank you! At this point, I am just not sure what “normal” is! LOL. I am pushing ahead. I will overcome this setback! I know that I will make it past this obstacle….it is now my new challenge!

      • Lol dealing with an illness ive learned everyone has their own “normal”. It usually consists of all kinds of symptoms and such that arent normal for everyone else lol. Which is exactly why i added the parenthesis… “Normal” whatever that means for you lol. Way to go! Keep up the positive attitude 🙂

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