Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

A Short Reprieve

Small steps….yes….like today.  After a weekend of sleeping, extra naps, laying low, today I was able to walk!  Yes….as my hubby pointed out “not perfect’….. : )  However, I was able to walk….it might have been a little stiffly…..but no spasms….and no “Frankenstein” gait!

I have to smile!  It was so nice to have a moment….to have a chance to be able to go to the grocery store after work with my hubby.  To be able to walk…even though I had a slow gait…..to just take our time as we did the necessary shopping.

Other symptoms?  Yes…they were present….the aching in my arms, hands, fingers, wrists….the burning in my back, shoulders, and right arm……the stabbing in my right shoulder….pain in my back.  What a change though from the past week!  

I know that this will not last…..at least I doubt it will.  It is, afterall, only Monday!  Yet….it is nice to have had a short reprieve…..to have been able to enjoy a trip to the grocery store with my hubby!

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