Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Why The Negativity?

I have been through a lot as you know from reviewing my blog.  It is not at all what some have been through!  Others have been through much, MUCH, more.  However, a commercial I heard on TV has been bothering me.

It was a negative commercial about having a Colostomy!  The individual dealt with colon cancer and was complaining about having a Colostomy.  So wrong!  I understand that some individuals may want to stress the importance of early detection…..of the screening that is available.  I do not intend to undermine this important message!

I must say that a Colostomy is NOT the end of the world!  It IS the beginning of life!  I have had mine for 4 years now.  If it was possible to go back in time, I would push from the beginning of my struggle with my spastic rectum and colon!  Who knows!  Maybe if I would have had my Colostomy surgery 10 – 15 years ago, I would not now be dealing with Fibromyalgia and Polyarthralgia.

My Colostomy?  I see it as nothing short of a positive!  It restored so much to me that my long term illnesses had taken from me. 

Now….I am on to a different battle.  I just wish that the media would focus on what is TRULY important.  Our health….our ability to enjoy our day to day activities…..to enjoy time with our families and friends!  Having a Colostomy does NOT prevent that!  It provides us the option to proceed with life!

We are given a path in life…..more correctly….”paths”!  We do not know what challenge or challenges we will be dealt……we do not know what illness…what chronic conditions……what twist or turn we will be dealt. 

Some of us struggle with, what I consider the greatest battle of all, that of cancer.  I have family and friends that have fought and won….and I have family and friends that have fought and then lost their battles!  It is with the latter that I believe I am prompted or rather…inspired to write! 

Life is precious!  For those that have not dealt with health issues….with chronic illness…..with chronic pain….with cancer……..the ability to comprehend what is important….to see the “life” around us!  To participate with family, friends….to enjoy the most simple of things….like playing a game of checkers with your son…..to preparing a simple meal for the family.

Perspective!  That is it!  All must be placed in perspective!  

See?  As a Colostomate, I must say….who cares?  Why be so vain?  That is the illness!  To not understand that our life is special…..that our time spent is precious!

It frustrates me so that the media thinks they can twist procedures that are meant to help us…to improve our quality of life….give us life……to make them appear so negative!  The media takes advantage of the public’s ignorance!

Afterall!  Most people do not know that they have been in contact with an Ostamate!  We do not wear a sign…if you looked upon us you would not know that we were wearing an appliance….”a bag”….of any kind!

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