Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

New Meds

I have a new med added to my regimine….

Yes…this means dealing with the side-effects of an additional medication.  

Today…I could tell that my new med was affecting me.  I felt the light-headedness…..it almost like an out of body experience….yet, it feel short!  LOL  

Light-headed…yes.  My body is adjusting to the meds….to an addition of Amitriptryline.

I can tell that my body is adjusting to this new medication.  It also targets the brain…..the same receptors in the brain that are targeted with pain.

I had hoped that I would never have to deal with this….however, I have to admit that I will be taking medication every day……that is….every day….of my life…..from today into the future! 

This is not the life I had planned…..not a life that anyone would plan for themselves…..afterall, who would want to take pills every day to keep their body’s happy/healthy!

We struggle….when combatting serious, chronic illness/conditions………we push…we flail…..we embrace and hope that there will be some answer!  

Our “inner being” understands that we are struggling and doing our best to protect ourselves.  

We step forward and fight what comes against us…….our inner “child” steps up to help….to guide and to direct……it is then up to us to step up…..to take ownership….to be the one to say “here we are”…..

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