Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Baby Steps

For those of us that are dealing with chronic illnesses and conditions, it is easy to “lose heart”….to become frustrated……to yearn for the life we had before our every movement……every moment…..was dictated.  It is SO important to stop and remember the small things!

Last week’s doctor appointment helped me to finally understand this!  She helped me to see that any movement is excercise!  Simple stretching is excercise!  Walking down the hall is exercise!  She further emphasized this for me by saying “set a timer…..for every 30 minutes of activity of any kind….rest for 10 minutes”.  Wow!

Now I realize why I am so exhausted after going to the grocery store!  I was too stubburn to use the electric cart or sit in a wheelchair and have my hubby or son push me around.  After this conversation, I saw these tools….the electric carts and wheelchairs as a wonderful gift!  These are tools to take advantage of that provide me the ability to enjoy a trip to the grocery store while allowing my family to assist me!  They also give me the ability to conserve energy to participate in the most important parts of my day….like playing a game of chess with our son….or playing a game of Yahtzee with my hubby and son….or one of the other many games we enjoy together as a family!

Another major point my doctor made was the importance of taking….rather….making time for me.  Something that I am NOT very good at!  LOL  (I am sure everyone can relate to that!)  She was able to make this point by simply asking…..”Why aren’t you taking a bath every day?  Why do you only take one on the weekend?”  I had no response…..I simply fell guilty for taking time for me.

So…I am enjoying my daily naps!  I am not taking daily baths yet!  However, I am making sure that I am maximizing my relaxation……reading…..word searches…….hot showers……and yes, I am going to make time for a few baths throughout the week.

I am also focusing on how I can best take advantage of any “trip”……from the couch to the restroom?  Be sure to top off my cup of water in the kitchen……..

Be conscience of every movement and motion you make during the day!  Give yourself credit for each step….for each arm motion…..each stretch!  Soon you will realize just how much you are actually accomplishing in a day!

You will suprise yourself with all that you are managing!

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