Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Exhausted Yet Smiling!

I was so careful this past week!  I paid attention to pacing myself…..making sure that I took a nap….did gentle stretching…..took a few bathes….I used my handicap parking to shorten walks…..used either an electric cart or had my hubby push me in a wheelchair when we had to go shopping.

Almost two weeks with the additional medication!  It definitely has improved my sleep.  I don’t feel my body at night.  

It is now Saturday….and I have not felt this “good” in a very long time!  Does that mean that I am pain free?  Does it mean that I am walking without any problems? Of course not!  What I am “enjoying” today is a level that is tolerable.  My arms hurt and ache…..my legs are a little heavy.  I do not have the burning all over. 

I am very tired.  I have taken a couple naps and allowed myself to sleep in this morning.  I have just taken my time…..and allowed myself to relax today.

Tomorrow I hope to attend Mass……I would like to walk for about 5 minutes too!

I know these are high expectations!  LOL  At least I have today……a respite to enjoy!

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  1. That’s good to pace yourself like that, as to not over do it. I’m that all or nothing kind of person, so I do nothing or I go and go as if driven by a motor and the next thing I know I’m out of commission for weeks or even months. I am working on it in therapy, though. Good luck. xx 🙂

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