Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

On The Verge of Tears

I know we have all been at this point. Battling daily with chronic conditions/illnesses takes a toll!  It pushes us mentally, physically….and spiritually. 

Monday started ok…..then I had symptoms starting to increase.  Then at 6 pm, I was hit by what I can only describe as a “loaded freight train”. My entire body….every joint, every muscle was aching…throbbing….that deep intense aching that makes you extremely neaseous. My body was on fire! I was so totally overwhelmed….so suddenly…..it completely caught me off guard!

The cause of this intense increase or increased flare of my Fibromyalgia and Polyarthralgia?  The weather!  Another front moves in!

I could feel the tears well up…..no actual tears fell…..I knew that there was nothing I could do…..just curl up and pray….rest as best I could. 

We each hit these points….these times when we are completely overwhelmed….feel that our bodies are completely out of control….that the hope of relief is so far off….

That feeling of being on the verge of tears! 

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