Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


It has been such a trying time!  The death of my Baby Sis, Carrie, has been such a challenge!

Yes! She is making me rise to the occasion…..to step up and show my strength…or lack thereof!  LOL

I was granted the strength, thank you Lord, to plan her funeral and Celebration of Life. 

Her funeral was attended by over 100 individuals!  What a testament!  Her Celebration of Life was 300-400! 

The lives she touched! Wow!  

My heart aches for her nephew (my son) and her niece….they are so young! They do not understand……they do not realize why their precious Aunt was taken from them.

Her life was cut short….too short. I was looking forward to her wedding…to her future….

God, however, decided it best to call her home.  She is much more of a powerhouse now!

My precious sister, Carrie….Sister, Aunt, Daughter…..is watching and protecting from above!

It is SO strange!  She is no longer here….yet, I feel her with me!

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