Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

A Tribute

My dearest sister, Carrie, you are missed more than words can express! I know you are now in a better place…I know that you are looking down upon us….watching and praying!

Yet….I find it so hard! I want to speak to you…to share my frustrations of the day…to banter….to hear your voice!  That voice which I will only now hear when I close my eyes….never again to embrace you….to never again hear your voice with my own ears!

I always thought I would go first…Afterall, I am the oldest!  I should have gone first!  

I do not understand….

I am exhausted…brain-fried!  I have no energy left! I cannot express the emptiness…the black space that is poised on my shoulder…

God has his plan. I would never underestimate it. I know my Sis touched so many lives….many more than most.  I do take relief in knowing that she accomplished SO much in her short life!

Yet…I must admit…I am guilty of wanting another day….another week….another month…..another year!  

Selfishly I would will her to be here…with us…..

Yet….I know that she has brought us together! Those that she touched are now bound!  She has united us all…from various backgrounds….we share her…..SHE has united us. 

My arms ache….I want to hold my Sis…..to hold her close…..

I must wait!  I must push forward….press onward…..continue to support and strengthen those left behind….

Comments on: "A Tribute" (3)

  1. Oh my heart…I send the warmest embrace.

  2. How I understand this post. I always say, “It is my mother’s voice I miss the most.” “If I could just here it one more time.” Know you are loved by us all. God Bless, SR

  3. I’m sorry about Carrie. This is a beautiful tribute.

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