Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

After dealing with the last few weeks, the overwhelming numbness…..doing what needed to be done for my dear sis, Carrie……my body began giving way the day of the funeral and then again at the Memorial.

The following week found me in a deep, profound Fibro fog!  So hard to describe…..like mind absent from the body.  Going through the day….wondering “how did I get to work?”  By the Grace of God, I was able to process payroll.  Each day the exhaustion in my body became more and more overwhelming!  

By the end of the week, the knots were back in my tummy…..just completely overwhelmed!

The exhaustion I experienced was beyond what words can say! Such effort to keep eyes open…..sleep……sleep.  Naps and early bedtime!  The simplest of meals fixed for my family.

Now today…..the exhaustion has released its grip!  My joints are so painful…….each and every one…..there is a huge knot behind my left shoulder blade……a hot soaking bath helped to lessen its grip.

Today will be another slow and careful day……more rest……gentle stretches……I know I just have to wait…..to allow my  body to release the stress of grief……made all the more complicated by my conditions!

Comments on: "Reality of Fibro/IBS and Grief" (5)

  1. How my prayers are with you. I suffer also from much of what you have and I just lost my Mom two months ago. I am finding grief is a daily process but is also a season. I do so understand your fatigue and your pain. Somehow with God’s help I have managed and am still managing to get through it all. Will add you to my prayer list. May God be with you and God Bless, SR

    • Thank you! Yes…the extra burden of our conditions mingled with the grief provide a much more difficult road for us. I also take heart in the fact that God promises to never test is beyond what we can endure. Prayers to you also!

  2. I want to ask you, have you ever been tested for celiac disease. I was and the test came back negative. In the last two weeks I took myself off of all gluten, IBS is gone, pain and burning in hips is gone, bloating is gone, pain in my left knee is gone, pain and knots in stomach are gone, bowel spasms gone, and so is the pain in my back. I use to take at least one-two pain pills a day, and this week nothing, until I ate pizza with my Dad. The next day I was hurting all over and had to take a pain med. Dr. said, I did not have celiac disease per say, but I have to be allergic to gluten, for when I go off of it, the pain goes too. Just thought I would ask? God Bless, SR

    • I was…no celiac disease. I went through a long history of anal fissures, Sphincterotomy (so?), spastic colon and spastic sphincter. I also dealt with rectal prolapse. Long story short my sigmoid colon and rectum were removed along with the damaged colon. That finally got rid of pain. However, the knot in tummy was still there. Then I went to dietician and am now on a Low FODMAPs diet. I avoid gluten, corn syrup, wheat, milk, garlic, onions, mushrooms, beans, honey….the diet really helped! It does control my IBS…that is unless my Fibromyalgia and Polyarthralgia are really flaring.

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    Thank you for sharing your journey. Going to share on my page so I can read it again, hugs Kristin

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