Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

A Visitation

We had the opportunity to go and shoot pheasants with friends of ours.  It was a day that I had some strength….my hubby had it planned that I could sit and shoot for a short period.  He had hoped it wouldn’t wear me out too much.

It turned out to be a HUGE blessing!  The friends we met up with had a young toddler son….about 2 years of age. When sitting and watching the kids shoot, this wonderful blond, curly haired toddler came over to me with a HUGE smile!  

I was immediately taken back….taken back in time when my baby sis was that age.  Two years old….curly blond (almost white) hair…..smiling…those big blue eyes!  She would follow me everywhere!

Our routine on weekdays……she would come into my bedroom….take a stuffed animal or doll off my animal pole in my bedroom…..and sit on my bed and play…..I would then do my homework……

I also remember that beautiful little girl, sitting in my lap…..asking me to read the “Nursery Rhyme” book!  Welll!  Let me tell you!   This “Nursery Rhyme” book was an encyclopedia of all the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes!  I found a way to ad lib…..to abbreviate the book….because my baby sis would NEVER let me miss a page!

Of course…this came back to haunt me!  I had to ad lib the same way EVERY time!  She would correct me if I ever repeated any of the pages wrong!  She knew the words I would say…..she knew when I would turn the page.  She would be SO UNHAPPY with me when I said the wrong word or turned a page too quickly!

At that time I knew Carrie was special…..what other 2-3 year-old could tell the difference when reading through the ENTIRE collection of Mother Goose fairy tale poems and stories!  To be able to expect the EXACT same words, the EXACT same page turns….absolutely EVERY time…..yes….that was my Baby Sis…..my “CareBare”……sitting next to me…..or in my lap….as we read…….with her correcting anything that I said wrong! 

I must smile now!  Yes!  That little 2-year-old would stop me!  She would correct me if I said ONE WRONG word!  I had to remember the way I abbreviated EVERY SINGLE poem/story in that encyclopedia!  It HAD to be the SAME way each time!

……I would give everything to go back to that time…..to that moment…….sitting so close to my baby sis, reading to her at night! 

This is not to be!  I have the most precious memories!  The most wonderful moments!  A lot of which…honestly…I know that Carrie….truly did not really remember….because she was TOO young. 

We have many shared memories that is true!  She remembers that book!  She “trained” me to read it the way she wanted!  I read it to her the same way…..day after day…..month after month….She did remember my animal pole….she remembered my special baby doll…..remembered by stuffed animals.

Thank you, Carrie!  You are…..and always will be….my wonderful….my beautiful….Baby Sis!

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