Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

An Amazing Day


A wonderful start to the day!  My Baby Sister had collected her hair from her first haircut until about the age of 6 for our Grandfather….Grandpa Joe….how had always been bald!  She wanted to give him hair!

When going through drawers at her house, I found where she had her “hair stash”!  Decided it would be best to take it and finally give it to Grandpa.

So….yesterday, Saturday….I met up with her longtime, childhood best friend.  We sat on Grandpa and Grandma’s grave and cut up Carrie’s hair!

We laughed and talked…..enjoyed the fact that they were all laughing down upon us as we saw her final wish come to fruition!  Grandpa would enjoy the wonderful hair she had so carefully gathered for him!

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