Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.



My Sis!  Wow do I miss you!

My son picked the perfect stuffed animal to be placed with you!  The most adorable teddy bear with a necklace with little dogs on it! Like my son said, “that is Lucky”!  My Sister’s dog was on the necklace!  There was no better way to say….Goodbye!

She was such a wonderful, awesome Sister, Daughter, Aunt, Girlfriend, Friend!  

It is hard that is for sure!  I wish I could bring her back!  I wish that she could be with us!  i know that we have no choice!  

Our hopes and dreams are not what God dictates!  His decision is the ultimate….the one that decides all.  I must say that I only see my own piece!  I see only a sliver!  i have no idea about the “entire” picture…..the full complete picture!

I can only close my eyes….relax….and let God take over!  

The pain…the loss of my Sis is SO intense!  Yet….somehow I know that all of this horrible MESS will work out for the best of all of us!  As hard as that is to believe!

All I can say is that I feel my Sis….I can feel her hand….guiding.  There are certain things that I must help with…..friends that I must assist….to find closure!  To see that it is “okay” to let go!

“In letting “go” we do not lose the wonderful, graceful, and loving person…..we so care for!  It is that moment that we are able to inhale!   To know that our Beloved will always be with us!  Will alwayw be present!  Is ever watching over us!

Thank you, Sis!  You have expanded our family!  You have opened me to accept and love many more than I thought possible!  

It is because of you that I am able to open myself!  To feel….to allow myself to be touched!  

Thank you!  My Dearest, CareBear!  I love you!

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