Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Still Reeling!

As everyone who has lost someone close unexpectedly, you know that the process of grief is just that…..a process!

It is a new reality….it alters our perception….it makes our life a roller coaster!  Yes….with time the roller coaster….the emotional swings will not be as great…..

At least that is what others say! And what I have read!  LOL

I know life will forever be different. I do find myself appreciating family and friends even more!  I find it hard not to tell a friend to hug her sister every chance she gets! (Whether or not she would want to hear it!😀)

Thankfully our friends appreciate what I cannot help but blurt out!  

I also find myself looking for ways to honor my Sis….I think about what I can do to impact someone’s life….how I can best contribute to those around me. 

The most difficult part? Being “Mom”….seeing our son on his rough days!  Knowing that all I can do is hold him and let him cry….to cry with him….to let him verbalized how much he misses his Aunt….to let him ask questions…..to answer what I can and let him know I am hurting and miss her too….

Last night he made a comment that still rings true….”Mom…you got to be around Aunt Carrie her whole life! You were there for everything!  That is so much better than if she were older than you!  Then you wouldn’t have had as much time! You know Mom? Don’t you agree, Mom?”

Yes! Well said my dear son!

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