Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


My family and I have started a new chapter!  We are onto a new adventure!

My Fibromyalgia and Polyarthragia had become SO debilitating!  It was becoming more and more difficult to get out of bed.  Finally had to make the decision to quit my job…..place the house on the market…and leave the Oregon Coast as my doctor had been after me to do for the past 6 months.

The death of my Sister has, of course, complicated my conditions further.  However, the enormous amount of stress, even with reduced work hours and working at a slow methodic pace with breaks was not helping at all.

We have been in the Southeastern portion of Idaho to test this drier climate and higher elevation.  WOW!!!  After just two days, my joints are no longer hurting so badly!  No pain in the joints!

Yes….I still have extreme muscle aches everywhere….overly sensitive areas remain…..still tire so quickly…….yet…there is great hope that I am on the right track!  

One step in the right direction!  YEAH!!!  My family and I are SO happy!  And today, my feet did not hurt at all!  So….another small step in the right direction!

There is a long road ahead……I have almost no muscle tone left…….these conditions have truly wreaked havoc…..and I do not know how much more I will regain.

Each new day brings more hope and excitement!  Small steps on a NEW path!!!

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