Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

2 1/2 MONTHS

It has been about 2 1/2 months since I lost my Sis!  Losing her definitely caused me to reconsider my priorities!  Namely my health issues!  Through my experience of intense grief and loss, I realized that life is TOO short….it is TOO precious!  Things I thought I knew!!!!

I am thankful that I have a supportive husband and a son that was willing to join me on our next adventure!  With the push of my doctor, heading to a dryer climate was definitely the right start!

There have been many days now that we have been in the Southeastern area of Idaho that I have wanted my Sis by my side!  I have taken pictures…..I have spoken out loud to her….I have spoken to her within the depths of my heart….my mind…and my soul!  I have shed tears!  Weeping at the opportunity to have this new start….yet anxious to move forward….knowing that this is what she would want!

I know my Sis is seeing the wonderful views…the awe inspiring sights with me!  Yet…..it is not the same…..it will NEVER be the same!  I am still attempting to grasp the reality that I will never again hear her laugh…..never again see her smile….never again give her a hug….never again exchange I Love You’s!

The only way I know to continue to celebrate my wonderful, beautiful Sis, is to keep moving forward!  To move forward in this new direction!  Knowing that she is with me EVERY step of the way!

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