Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


Some of the beauty that surrounds us!  This is a MAJOR life change!  The first time ever that I have pushed to do something that would be in my best interest!  Yes….I was still concerned for our Son…..however, I had to focus on my health…..on the chance of improving my quality of life.

I have experienced some improvements…..the headaches….the joint pain…the foot pain….are gone!  I am still experiencing my Fibro symptoms (the achy muscles, oversensitivity, “Fibro fog”).  I am using my wheelchair as often as possible…yet, taking time to do some slow walking….soaking in the hot tub and gently stretching muscles.

My meds are making sure that I sleep….well…for the most part!  There have been days that my brain has been TOO active and it has actually overridden the meds that usually make me sleep!  LOL

My family and I truly went out on a limb!  A “limb” that is proving to be the right  choice!  I have a LONG road to go yet…I know!  I will be following up with an attorney Monday regarding SSI.  I know it will be several years before I can consider working again.

My hubby is prepared to take over the work position and let me be at home for now.  So thankful for the support of my husband and son….and the strong support of my family and friends!

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  1. So good to have a strong support system!

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