Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

There are days that I don’t know what is worse!  The Fibro Pain or the Fibro “Fog”….or Fibro “Fog” magnified by grief!  LOL

Those of us that are trapped in the “prison” of our bodies understand!  The use of the wheelchair….the horrific distance to just walk down the hall to the bathroom……you know what I mean!!!!  I am SO blessed to have a wheelchair to use when we are out and about…..I use it now in the motel to go to and from the pool and the breakfast area.

I know in the beginning it was hard….it was hard to admit that I needed this type of help…..and….yes, I was worried about what people would think!  My Sis helped me to get past that!  SHE helped me to realize it was OK to do what was best for me!  This was a thought that was SO foreign to me…..

She empowered me to ACCEPT myself where I was at.  And…now…my Strength is in Heaven!  I have NO DIRECT PHYSICAL CONTACT with her now!

Thankfully, I have been blessed to ACCEPT my condition!  I am THANKFUL for my wheelchair…..and I take advantage of it every chance I get!  I use it to pace myself….to keep from overdoing!

My mind?  At times I feel that I have REALLY lost it!!!!  I will start talking…then stop because I do not remember what I was saying!  I will start a task….then stop…because I do not remember what I was doing!!!!  Does this sound familiar????

Now it is magnified!  The grief process just magnifies the “FOG” more than I can express!!!!  I stop mid-sentence because I have no idea what I was saying…….I stop after standing because I have NO idea what I was going to do! I am lucky to make it to the bathroom!  (I know…TOO graphic for some!!!!)

We are NOT crazy!  Those of us with Fibromyalgia struggle with memory issues…..those issues are GREATLY magnified by grief….by the loss of our loved ones.

We are left to feel like we are crazy!!!!  Yet…we ARE NOT!

We ARE dealing with the internal struggles of our own conditions….magnified by the loss of our loved one.  

Only others with our condition can fully understand……just know…..you are NOT alone!

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