Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


I must say….today has been one of those very ROUGH days!  Physically my body hurts all over…..but moreso…..the HUGE hole left by the loss of my Sis is aching terribly!

Not a day goes by that I do not think of her…..see her face when I close my eyes.  My heart is hurting badly today!  It is one of those days that I need to hear her voice…..to have her respond to a text……to have her sitting by my side…..

A dream!  I know…..she is no longer physcially here……but now I am in that stage of MASSIVE denial!  I keep waiting for the next email….the next text…the next phone call to be from her.

What challenges those of us left behind must face!  What struggles as we are forced to wrestle with a NEW reality without our precious loved one!

There is no magic cure….there is no “pill”….there is no hiding from road that we must tread…..the ups and the downs….the draining…physical exhaustion…..the lapses of memory!

Please do not take this as a question of faith….for that it is NOT!  I have a deep faith….a deep trust in God.  It is because of that that I am able to deal with daily life…..I know that my Sis is in a good place!  Yes!  It is hard for me to say a better place….because what could be better than living life with her wonderful boyfriend and enjoying time with her family, friends, and coworkers!

I am just struggling as are all of those that loved my dear Sis!

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