Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.


The reality of death is truly overwhelming!

Death is so much more complicated!

I visited….hugged…and kissed…the “shell” that was my beautiful Sis!  Only to be reminded that the beautiful “person” within….was her wonderful spirit!  The forehead that I placed kisses upon was an empty shell….the form that had once held her being…..

Yet….I need that wonderful being!  I SO desperately need my Sis!

I know the cold forehead that received those kisses…..was only the form….the body…..NOT my Sis…..the warmth….the light…the true spirit was gone!  I know she was experiencing that wonderful light and warmth…..the true glow of Heaven!  My Sis is one with God and his Angels!

This step is THE hardest! I had thought others close……but NO!  Not as close as this……

I am struggling with how I am to come out of this!  How can I recover and somehow come close to the person that my Sis was?

I feel a complete failure!  I have no way to compensate…….no way to make up for the person…the future….that she showed!

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  1. You are your own person, im sure she would want you to love your own life and be happy. It gets easier with time ♡ give yourself a break you are doing the best you can x

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