Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Life’s Impact!

This whirlwind that I have been experiencing is truly “kicking my butt!”

I know that there are major stressors in life…..death of a loved one…..moving….quitting a job……etc.

As you know, I have dealt with the sudden, tragic death of my Baby Sis……..I quit my job due to my health……and we moved!

YES!  I am dealing with the top stressors AND Fibromyalgia!

I am learning that Fibro IS in control right now…..yet, I am NOT willing to give it total control of my life!

I close my eyes and see a time when I can hike…..can walk….can be an active participant….and Fibro will be a bistander!  LOL

Fibromyaglia truly magnifies ALL that I am experiencing……the overwhelming fatigue….the pain….the heaviness in my extremities….the overwhelming brain “fog”! 

The difficulty in remembering a simple thought!  Not being able to remember if you flushed the toilet or not!  Not being able to remember if you asked a simple question!   Then find your son to say “Mom, you aksed me that twice all ready!”!!!!

This is the impact…..the TRUE IMPACT that Fibro has on one’s life!  It SUCKS!  For lack of a better term!  I don’t know of any other way to describe it!

I used to be a smart….strong…..aspiring individual!  I now feel that I am a captive…….who is trying to regain freedom! I WILL be able to regain some semblance of strength!

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