Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

The “Truth” of Fibro

I have found that Fibromyalgia wants to confirm to all that it is in control!  Control of every ache and pain throughout the body!  Yet…that is not enough!  It also wants to attack the energy….the memory of those in its path!

Yes! Fibromyalgia is not only a condition that attacks the muscles….but the energy and the memory of its assalent!  

We do not ask to be its victim!  I…nor you..asked to be its victim!  Yet….we were selected to be……to become part of this Fibro family!

I guess…just as in any family…..the individual truly never chooses!  Afterall….we do not choose our Mother or Father!  We are “born” into a family……we then grow and develop from that…….

Fibro is like that!  I did not “choose” to have Fibro!  Yet….I am now in the “Fibro Family”!

Fibro attacks our muscles…..our strength….our memory……..it causes us to experience extreme fatigue!  What we share is the feeling of being “abnormal”….of feeling “completely lost”!

We are “trapped” within our bodies…..left to feel that we are “crazy”…..that we are “alone”…….

This is far from the truth! WE are many!  

We are from every race…..from every sect…..from every creed!  We KNOW Fibro does not care what Color, Race, Creed or Sex!

WE will UNITE to fight this illness….this syndrome….this condition!

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