Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Major Challenge

I am finding the transition from the main “bread winner” to no income a challenge!  My husband had been self employed….as a guide and fish taxidermist…..so my income was the mainstay….his was the supplemental…..

As with any owner-operated business….especially one as a guide……it had its ups and downs……so our budget was always dependent upon what I brought home…..since I had a traditional job….with steady income.

My health struggles led ultimately to my having to resign my position…..my husband was not able to find work locally…..where we lived was a huge negative to my health.  Anyone reading my blogs will know that I then experienced the sudden, unexpected, tragic death of my Baby Sis.

Thus the mind change….the delimma I now find myself!

We have moved as a family to another State….my husband has started work……our son is in school….we are in a new home…..I am at home workingwith an advocate to obtain SSDI.

It is SO strange!  It is hard to step back….to “release the reigns” per se!  My body is holding me prisoner now……I have to rest….to step back….to allow myself the time to recuperate….to have the opportunity to improve.

It is time to support my Hubby….as he wades through unfamiliar territory…..testing out a job that takes him outside of his comfort zone….something that allows him to stretch and grow.

I am thankful that he has this opportunity!  This new area allows him to be the “head of the house”…..it allows for a role reversal…….this is good!

Yet…..I am struggling with the ability to let myself rest….to do what is needed….to allow my body to rest….to recover….to…hopefully, regain strength!  

I am so thankful for my Hubby, Son, family and friends as we move forward……..into this new reality!

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  1. I am in a similar situation. We all have Lyme Disease, and I had to close my business a couple years ago, leaving hubby to be the breadwinner.

    I use essential oils, and started sharing them as we have had some big health gains with them, and I now make some extra money for the house with this little business I can do on my own time from the couch. If you’re interested in something like this, I’m happy to help you. Figured I would throw it out there to you…

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