Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Feeling Guilty 

As the oldest child, I am reeling from the loss of my Baby Sis! 

I am feeling overly emotional…raw….I am torn….

Why did my awesome Sis….who was SO gifted….First in Her Class of the U of O Law School!  Published while she was a student!!

My Sis was BEYOND amazing!  She touched so many lives….had such a huge impact on those around her!

I am struggling….feeling overwhelmed!  There were several times that MY life should have been taken!  Yet it wasn’t….so why was I spared?

Why was my Baby Sis who had just really started her life taken?  Why wasn’t she given the opportunity to share and enjoy her life with her awesome Partner?  After all…her Boyfriend was the love of her life!

I was granted Life when I had severe HELLP syndrome when our son was born. (My poor husband was told that I would probably not survive the night.)

I was granted life again when the hospital tried to OD me with the pump…(found out later my chair was set at 10 times the dose!)….

Why have I been spared?  What does God have in store for me that could…in any way come near to my Sis?!?!!

I will not know the answer until I meet my beautiful Sister in Heaven…..

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