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Listen to Your Stoma!

Having been a Colostomate now for over 4 years….you would think that I would pay more attention to what my Stoma is telling me about a medication!  Yes…there has been so much on my mind….so much happening since our move……even with the heavy Fibro Fog/Grief Brain……I should have listened sooner!

My Gastroenterologist wanted me to take Xifaxan for 14 days…….3 — 550 mg tablets a day.  The hope was that the continued bloating I deal with due to my IBS (even though the Low FODMAPS diet has drastically improved the symptoms) would be because of excess bacteria in my intestines…..afterall multiple surgeries on the intestinal area can cause this.

Over the past few days….my Stoma has been acting strangely…..yes my tummy was bloated….I could tell that my weight was up a few pounds…..the most striking….my Stoma was retracting……NOT normal for me. Today after my nap….the lightbulb came on!

I immediately started researching the “least likely” side effects of Xifaxan!  And….low and behold, I found fluid retention, bloating, constipation!!!!  DUH!!!!  My Stoma had been trying to warn me about what was happening inside….before I got to the very uncomfortable position I am in today!

Fibro is flaring…..my guts are reeling!  Just want all this mess to pass!  (LOL!!!!  No pun intended!!)

I will not finish the Xifaxan….will contact my doctor tomorrow to let him know what has transpired.  I have taken Milk of Magnesia to start the process of relieving the pressure……

NOTE to self…..when Stoma is acting out of the norm…..MUST consider what has happened….what has changed and deal with it in a quicker fashion!

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  1. If only we fibro sufferers learned to listen to our bodies about changes and things going not quite right. I hope things are going better for you now.

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