Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

My “Not To” List

I read a Fibro blog that had a great idea. It was based on a “To Do” List….with a twist….focused on what “Not To” do. 

This is not a negative list. It is a positive reinforcement….especially for living with Fibro and Grief. 

My list would include the following:

1.)  I will choose Not To speak negatively to myself. 

2.)  I will choose Not To forget even the smallest details of those preschools times I had with my Sister. 

3.)  I will choose Not To overdo!  I will pay more attention and pace myself more carefully.

4.)  I will choose Not To surrender to frustration.

5.)  I will choose Not To be afraid. 

6.)  I will choose Not To give up on my ability to get better!

7.)  I will choose Not To worry about being the best wife, mother, Sister, Aunt, friend…..I will focus on enjoying and treasuring every moment!

This simple exercise is empowering. It does take weight off the shoulders!

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  1. what a great idea!

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