Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

The Kindness of Strangers!

Our son had his first plane ride……went to Portland, OR to join my Sis’ Law Firm (pictured above) in Celebrating her life.  It was important to them that we family members attend.  This of course is awesome!

They celebrated with the slide show our brother had put together….along with some of her favorite foods!  We enjoyed each other’s company….a lot of wonderful stories were shared.

After the busy weekend, my body was, of course, REALLY acting up!  I am SO thankful to the Delta staff who took such good care of us!  Assisting me with my wheelchair….and being so kind and attentive!

We had to switch planes on the way home at Salt Lake City.  My son, who is an incredible help!  (He was taking such good care of me….watching out for me!)  He was kind enough to wheel me as close as possible to the women’s restroom. Then a wonderful, kind stranger offered me her arm!  She just came up beside me as I was attempting to make my way while touching the wall….”May I help you?”  With such a huge smile. So kind!  Then she also helped me get to the sink to wash my hands before allowing me to use her arm to lean on to get back to my chair.

This wonderful lady demonstrated an act of kindness that was (and is) so appreciated!  My energy had been spent on the wonderful time spent with family.

Our trip home was made comfortable by the many kind acts of so many strangers!  Each one assisting with a smile….

I am SO thankful for these many kindnesses!

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